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Top Ten Reasons to Go on a Gay Cruise

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Stupid as it might sound, this is a valid question. There are other vacations to take – you could hit New York City and live it up for a few days, fly to Hawaii for a week, get married in Toronto, check out gay bars in Singapore or get it on with a gay friend from across the pond. So why a cruise then?

Number 10 – For The Gay Atmosphere
A gay cruise is full of fun (gay) activities, and there’s always something to do. However, there’s an intrinsic value associated with gay cruises, and it can be attributed to an unspoken understanding and care shared by all the people on the boat. We all understand where we’re coming from, the issues we’ve had to face and the day-to-day struggles we see. With that kind of bond already formed, you know good times are ahead!

Number 9 – To Feel The Acceptance of Straight People
Straight people never have to wonder if people are accepting of their relationship. They can just march right onto any cruise ship, make out, feel each other up, and all people will do is say “get a room!” Have you ever felt what it’d be like to not think what others are thinking? If they’re judging? A gay cruise is full of people like you, and a no-discrimination philosophy abounds. You can relax, lay back, and pretend the whole world’s gay, because, as far as you can see, it is!

Number 8 – To Show Off Your Summer Collection and Get a Tan
We’re gay, and we love to look our best! This is a great way to show off the body you’ve been working hard to get, along with great summer clothes, flip-flops, or however far you wanna take it (just a banana hammock). Plus, you get to work on your tan (or blacken your blackness, if you’re black) and look all exotic when you come back to the real world.

Number 7 – To Eat Nice Food and Not Cook
Why cook when you don’t have to? Sure, you could apply this philosophy at home, but then you’d be limited to MSG-laden takeout or cardboard microwavable “dinners.” No, a better idea is to just get on a boat, and have a team of chefs prepare gourmet food for you, and deliver that food to you anywhere on the boat. Yes, that is a better idea.

Number 6 – To Get Drunk and Do Stupid Things
Worried about that deadline? Recession eating into your profits? Clients not liking your designs? Just say, “I dunno. I was drunk, and I don’t remember a thing!” You can’t say that in your normal life, but you can on a boat!

Number 5 – For All The Fun and Funky Activities
Gay cruises are the most fun cruises in the world, seriously! They get awesome cruise boats that have all the cool stuff (shops, casinos, live theater, live entertainment, swimming pools, hot tubs, water slides etc.), but they have a ton of superb gay activities too!

Number 4 – To See an Exotic Part of the World
Tired of the flat North American landscape? Want to pretend you’re in Lost? Or maybe, you just wonder how the rest of the world lives? Cruising to a hot, spicy exotic destination is just the ticket. You’ll get to see a unique local culture, sample deliciously different cuisine, and surround yourself in an environment that is very different from your own. This is really great fun!

Number 3 – To Meet Gays, er… Guys
Yes, the fact is, a gay cruise is a great place to meet guys if you’re single. It’s also a great place to meet other gay couples. You’ll make temporary boyfriends, friends, and maybe even something better!

Number 2 – To Get It On
We’ve established that a gay cruise is a great place to meet guys. Duh. Thousands of gay guys, you. Rocket science, I know. But think about this… if you want to get it on, where better? Other people want to get it on. You want to get it on. You’re isolated on a boat, with nowhere to go.

Number 1 – To Get On a Boat With Other Guys, Get Away, and See What Happens
Really, the best reason to go on a gay cruise, is to just get away, and let nature or destiny (whatever you want to believe in) take its course. Once in a while, we all need to just let go completely, let our guard down (us gays more than anyone), and see where life takes us.


Written by Leon

April 29, 2009 at 5:17 am

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