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Cruise Holidays – Finding the Right One For You

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Are you thinking of taking a cruise? Planning and booking a cruise vacation is much different than booking other types of holidays. Here are some tips to finding the right cruise vacation for you.

First off, you should consider where and when you want to go. Many routes are seasonal since cruises usually stick to warm weather so many times when you want to go will narrow down your options. The most popular time for the Caribbean is in the winter months since there is hurricane-free weather and the cooler climates such as Alaska and Canada are more popular in summer when the weather is pleasant. If you have your heart set on a certain destination then you’ll need to schedule your time around the cruise season of the location.

Once you’ve settled on when and where, you’ll need to choose your cruise company. There aren’t too many to choose from so sometimes you’ll have little choice and sometimes price and schedule are the determining factors. Go online and take a look at the actual cruise lines’ ships. There are maps of the ships and what services and amenities are offered. To help you decide on a company and ship you can also search for online consumer reviews and ask friends who have taken cruises.

After you’ve settled on the ship and cruise company, you’ll want to decide on the type of cabin. Remember that all cabins aboard ships will be small. Other than splurging on a suite, your optional amenities will be a porthole (window) or a balcony. If your budget is extremely tight then this might not be an option. If you can though, daylight can be a surprising luxury. Cabins with windows and balconies book up fast especially on Alaska cruises where the sights are the main draw.

If after looking at choice times, destinations, and cruise lines you realize that it’s too pricey then you may have to have more flexibility. Think about going in off peak or shoulder season when the demand is lower and the weather is not ideal (though still pleasant). You should usually plan ahead but sometimes cruise companies need to fill up a ship at the last minute so if you don’t care where you’re going then you can find a great deal on a cruise departing within 30 days.

The internet is a great resource for researching and planning your cruise holiday but also consider using a travel agent. They have loads of brochures and many agents have first hand experience on cruises so they can suggest a cruise that fits your needs. They can book your flight, car, excursions and hotel so it’s one stop shopping.

Taking a cruise is sure to be holiday that you won’t soon forget. Bon voyage!


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April 22, 2009 at 7:21 am

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